Aerospace Welding is a stocking distributor of Lord and Barry mounts.  We inventory the isolators for engine mounts that we routinely repair.

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Cessna 182 Barry Mount 182 Barry Mount.jpg (42258 bytes) 


This cross reference list of Isolator mounts represents which items Aerospace Welding Minneapolis, Inc. inventories.  Please contact us for pricing and availability at 1-800-597-4315 of info@awi-ami.com.

Lord Mount Barry Mount
Part # Part #
J-7402-1 94150-40
J-7402-16 94150-01
J-6545-1 94110-40
J-3804-40 94110-02
J-3804-20 94110-01
J-9613-49 94011-20
J-9613-40 94011-20
J-9613-19 94011-03
J-9613-29 94011-02
J-9613-58 94006-01

If the isolator mount that you are in need of is not on this list, we can drop ship it right from the warehouse to you.


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